What is involved, how much will this cost us, are there options?

Almost every cemetery has their own set of rules and regulations based on many factors.  As professionals in the field, we are familiar with most cemeteries in the greater Boston, North and South shore and Metro West, as well as the greater Worcester community.  We are also trained to find out the costs associated with the cemetery are.


We research and handle these costs for you, sending the required paperwork to the cemetery manager and caretaker.

Permit- many cemeteries have a permit fee that is charged by the cemetery, simply for allowing you to erect the memorial.

Foundation- all memorials need some type of foundation installed.  Usually installed by the cemetery caretaker, the foundation is a poured concrete that the memorial sits on allowing the memorial to stay level and not sink into the ground over time.  Once the memorial has been installed the foundation is no longer seen.

Memorial Cost - memorials range in price.  Prices are based on size, granite, finish, style and design.  As we understand the concern for not even knowing what range such a purchase can be in memorials start as low as $550 for a flush marker and up to $3,000 depending on the style.  This is a good range, we are glad to quote a price once we have the cemetery as it allows us to include the size factor, permit (if any) and foundation charge.

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A death has occurred, the funeral has taken place and now it is time to mark the grave.  To many, this is a harder purchase and more difficult time than the funeral.  The memorial purchase is a hard phone call, it brings back the pain that has started to slowly dull of the loss, it challenges us to remember the cemetery, to think of what type of stone is needed, to decide what we would like to say, how can we summarize a legacy in a few words?  Our firm is here to walk you through the process, we understand what is needed, we are familiar with the rules, the requirements, we know who to call to gather answers for you, what questions to ask and to work with you, to be sensitive and create a memorial that is appropriate, thoughtful and not only budget sensitive but respectful.  The reality is no stone will be perfect, nothing can change the harshness of reality, but we can help you to make the process as easy as possible, as we have been doing for our families since 1910.

An art that continues, no matter how computerized the drafting has become over the years, the actual memorial layout and sandblasting is still done by hand.  Our experienced, skilled staff, in our own Everett production plant, layout and create every memorial, in the same manner we have been since 1910.



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