A brief look at who we are....​

Our firm represents the merging of three of the largest Massachusetts Jewish memorial dealers of the early and mid 1900's.  When so many immigrants moved to this country, people settled in areas by their religion or nationality and a time when the corner country store, hardware store and deli were mixed with the local church, temple and, yes, memorial dealer.

As the years went along and there were fewer and fewer memorial dealers, obviously business spread to service not only the Jewish community but all surrounding communities, faiths and cultures.  We are proud to say we have completed memorials for governors, judges, janitors, for people living close to our facility in Everett and to those far away in proximity;  working with families all over the United States, in Canada, Europe, Israel and even China.  In our vast experience, we have worked with not only English, but French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic to name a few.  Our granites have been mined as locally as Quincy, Massachusetts, Georgia and Vermont and as far away as the sea coasts quarries of China and the interiors of Africa and India.  In remembering a loved one, the possibilities in representation of colors, designs, fonts and shapes is literally endless.  

The firm was started by Solomon Slotnick in 1910.  A Russian born immigrant who worked extensively with stone.  A man who originally made his fortune creating the skyline of Boston pre depression.  As the world and economy changed during the dark days of the depression Solomon, being resourceful, used his talents to start to create memorials and monuments for his local, growing community, in the then popular North Shore communities of Chelsea, Everett and Malden.