Please note all memorial pictures are our firm's memorial work, created, laid out, sandblasted and set by our staff.  Pictures are taken outside, where the amount of sun, clouds and humidity all effect the true color of the granite, font and design.

We do our best to show the best possible color but depending on the location and time of day it is not possible in all situations. The various angles of each picture is to share the different textures and finishes as well as shape of the memorial.

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At the IHOP Plaza



Purchasing a pre need memorial assures you of a few things.....

What is a pre need memorial purchase and why am I doing this?

Pre Paid - Pre Need Memorial Work

1. Your wishes for a memorial are assured

2. Your family knows exactly what you would like to have created

3. You are protecting yourself against the future increases of the memorial cost, and in many cases the increases in permit and foundation charges

4. You are planning properly for medic aide spend downs, as memorials are an allowable expense for someone when trying to reduce an estate and qualify for medic aide in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the out of pocket items may be covered in full if the participating cemetery or caretaker will accept pre payments. If they do not accept pre payments we gladly will and explain how interest is accrued on these costs to defray increases. Detail explanations are on our contracts.

​Please call one of us with any questions or if any additional explanations are needed. As always, thank you.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you on purchasing a pre need memorial. A pre need memorial is exactly that, one that is purchased in advance, completely paid for in advance but not made until the time of need (when the person the memorial is purchased for has passed away). Except for some out of pocket expenses, like a cemetery permit or caretaker’s foundation charge, the memorial cost or inscription is guaranteed in full and the future cost of the memorial work is covered in full. The SCS Memorial Pre Need difference; the most major difference is that memorial dealers, unlike funeral homes, are not mandated or controlled by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There is no law that stops us from using the funds as regular current operating funds. In order to protect our consumers, we have made the decision to back every pre need purchase with an insurance product. The funds from each pre need purchased are used to buy a dollar for dollar insurance policy (obviously at no additional cost to the consumer). In doing so we guarantee that the funds for the future stone will be available, even if we were to cease business operations.



232 Fuller Street, Everett, MA 02149

             Between Holy Cross and Woodlawn Cemetery