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At Slotnick, Canter, Schneider Memorial Group, we offer a variety of memorial types in order to help assist your needs. There are many options available to you from our bronze memorials to our granite memorials. Also, be sure see our in-stock specials for more options on monuments.

To begin the process of selecting a monument, please browse through our galleries and get an idea of what you'd be looking for. Additionally, take some time looking through our sample memorial guide to familiarize yourself with some of the things we have to offer.
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Whatever style or color you choose, whether it is a simple flush marker or a more traditional upright monument, we promise the highest and finest quality granites available.  The cost of an upright memorial includes a smooth or polished front, a natural top, and natural sides.  The finish, design and color of a memorial are all strictly a matter of aesthetics and will not affect the quality or life of the stone.  Simply, it is a matter of one’s taste and the “look” that you would find most appropriate.  It is not only our job, but our pleasure, to work with you in creating this “look;" please do not hesitate to ask us to voice our opinion, as many people need guidance through this personal process.

Please click here in order to view our sample memorial guide.


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