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We are now officially up and running on our Facebook and Twitter pages, click on the links to check them out!


Aside from our regular business website, we have also opened a bronze specific website where you can see a variety of different bronze styles and marker types, you can view that site here.

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Slotnick, Canter, Schneider Memorial Group is a full service monument and granite shop located in Everett, Massachusetts.  The business was started in 1910, priding itself on designing, creating and installing memorial products in all cemeteries in Eastern Massachusetts.  Starting as a small, local family business, the company, now in its forth generation, services countless families with bronze work, cemetery lettering, granite markers and monument work.  As a full service shop, our staff works on each memorial here in our own facility, as opposed to many other memorial shops that “farm” out work and have it created for them, acting only as a middle man, losing much of the control over the process and final product.

Welcome to the Slotnick, Canter, Schneider Memorial Group website. We have created this site to help you make the difficult and unique process of purchasing a memorial as easy as possible.

Whatever style or color you choose, whether it is a simple flush marker or a more traditional upright monument, we promise the highest and finest quality granites available. To find out more information about ordering a memorial, please click the link below. You can also browse over to the memorials page to see the various types products available to you.
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